Rosin pressed flower (waste)

Is there anything worth while that can be done with flower after it’s been pressed? What about flower that’s been washed for hash? I would have access to 20-30 pounds at a time. Would it be worth trying to make into another form of concentrate?

I never tried with hash waste before… but with dry sift, there was always THC left over and I always distilled it to get that last bit of THC out. I suppose you could do that with water washed stuff…but how to dry it first… -shrug-


Fuck around and find out…

Flower rosin leaves a considerable amount of thc behind. Ethanol washing then distilling was worth the effort once upon a time. It might still be if it’s free & you’ve got the gear and the urge to learn.

Water washing leaves less behind, and also requires you re-dry the material before going into ethanol.

Far less likely to be worth your while, but if you can dry it for free, and make your own party solvent (ethanol) you might come out ahead (once you’re making distillate efficiently).

You will be using more solvent…so getting your solvent recovery sorted before heading down the “hot dog water” route is advised


Wet material, dumped into pH 12 NaOH and all is yours in about 30 seconds…no need to dry.

BTW…remember the euro-tea article about steeping in hot water for THCA….do you remember the yield?…was it something like 40%.??

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Yeah, but you can also make corpses disappear with water thusly prepared…so I wasn’t gonna go there with the noob just yet.

Gives new meaning to bubble tea…


What if THCA is R-COOH nanocrystalline suspension in situ trichome storage area.

Don’t worry, I have no idea what that even is. lol

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