Rosin buddering on the plates

Can anyone help me with a buddering issue? Using dry sift and my rosin is buddering on the plates at 5-10 psi… I’ve tried Temps ranging from 150-200 and pretty much always have buddering… using a pure pressure press with 25u bags…



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Thank you very much @cyclopath

I would say this goes hand-in-hand with dry sift pressing. I remember when I was doing mainly sift and I got SUPER discouraged when it wouldn’t drip AT ALL and would regularly crust up just outside of the plates. Don’t get me wrong it makes for some good rosin but the issue is that it just de-terps so quickly because of the heat, I feel your pain. I would say your most likely remedy would be to step up to washing some bubble and freeze drying it - I know it’ll hurt your wallet pretty hard but it’s worth it. I know it was for me.