Room temp or cryo ethanol wash for kief


I have aprox 3lbs of kief to wash and spd for a client. I’m wondering if I still need or should do a cryo etoh or a room temp etoh wash?

Kief is not graded, not too dirty, but not all too shelf gold quality.



I would think to run it cryo. I have never done a etoh kief wash but have done room temp vs cryo bud runs. My potencies are consistently much better with cryo etoh vs room temp. The cold ethanol doesn’t pull as much undesirables as room temp etoh. I try to stay below -50 C. Anything over-35 to -40 C and you can start getting waxes , chlorophyll, etc… If the color goes south , then you may have to scrub it which decreases your yields on cannabinoids. You can also get the color out during SPD.

Again, I have never done a etoh keif run this is just based on what I have seen from flower runs.

What kind of vessel do you plan on using to run it?

Are you going to freeze the kief?

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Mixing it with 5lb of spent biomass and doing cryo-ethanol might be easier than trying to deal with it on its own.

If it is truly kief, and not 50% finely ground plant bits, you should be able to extract at rm temp or even warm without picking up green (you’ll get more fats & waxes warm, but winterizing should solve that)

Using more solvent than usuall so you can agitate or stir it effectively will help if you chose not to cut it with a bulking agent (spent biomass. ?!?) of some sort.

Not a problem I consider solved yet. Working on it…



Room temp will give you a excellent crude after filtering after starting with kief. I didn’t run the short path but my guy said it was really easy to deal with and it was not winterized. Well kinda, I was using liquid co2 for the kief extraction. Your just have to wash it multi multi times in my experience to get all the goodies. Straining is the worst. Good luck



I’ve ran about 100lbs of kief so far in my methods. All room temp in a 150 bubble bag then filtered in a Duda diesel 5 micron filter sock then filtered down to 1 micron. Winterized, carbon filtered then bentonite. Single pass turned out great but no analytics for it



how do you keep kief in a 150um bag?

the size of our primary target is 50-100um…

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Sorry it’s an 80 micron bubble bag. I use 150 for plant trim. It’s just enough to capture stalks and trichome husks. The finer stuff gets filtered in the 5 micron and 1 micron Duda sock then into the panda each tier



thank you.
that fits better :wink:



I have 2lbs of biomass I can wash with the kief if need be.