Rookie/dumb infused gummy question

I have a bunch of left over distillate in glass jars. I’m pretty tired of smoking/dabbing and a long time ago had great experience with D8 gummies. Tho finding good affordable D8 gummies this day and age especially local is a magic act/impossible. So the other day, well very tired and out of it. I tried to make some vegan(no hate) distillate gummies. I had quickly found the easiest tek online(that I can’t even find again now lol) It’s basically :heat the fruit juice base of choice to rapid boil, add distillate well it’s hot, attempt to homogenize, attempt deff being the key word here because that failed miserably, and then to add insult to injury after setting up in cold, the bit of distillate that did make it into my gummies initially seemed to all precipitate out to the bottom of my gummy trays and out of the gummy solution all together. I tried just pressing the distillate back into the gummies but that was a level of gumming I was not happy with. lol
I think from what research I did today, briefly, and with a tonne going on in my head/back round, my mistake was simply just not mixing the distillate with a oil base first, like coconut oil, or mct oil, ??homo that, THEN adding that to boiling fruit/vegan gummy mixture to homo those? I know distillate really isn’t miscible in water and thinking about it all in retrospect I feel kinda dumb and just wanna make sure I get it right this time.(Especially since one of my cooking pans has been out of commission all baked with distillate until I can afford some more 190% ethanol to try to re-recover it out, lol) Cause I don’t really think any of these oils, or distillate by itself would homogenize very well in a fruit water base? I’ve made edibles 1000Xs… but like, brownies and stuff with canna butters or infused oils… or both… Oh btw obv. since their vegan the setting agent is agar agar, But I don’t think that’s the issue there. Despite the lack of successful THC infusion and now public embarrassment on here, the gummies did set up nice and after rolled in some citric acid were still very yummy and stable ;p Just… yeah… having them loaded with the distillate would be cool ;p Thanks for the input fam, even if it’s just to shake your head at me. lol
Oh, bonus question, why would D8 gummies hit me(they must have been strong) but I can take like 2000mg+ of regular edibles and feel literally nothing? My doctor told me it was a unique digestive issue or something and I even looked it up and I guess supposedly there is like .0001% of the population that doesn’t process thc/cannabis orally/digestively, but like… That was so long ago I looked into it and am kinda afraid even if I get this gummie thing down it will be in vain and I should just be trying to make d8 infused gummies. tho why would I feel D8 gummies but not regular thc/infused gummies? Tho I gotta use this distillate left over one way or the other. Not one to waste.

This is formatted well. Please allow me several hours to start reading, lose my place, and have to go back to square one again. Then I will come back with a thorough response that addresses all your questions.


Thanks man. Mental illness and full blown chronic insomnia blended with forced auto correct and no medicine has really made my thinking and typing a mess. I appreciate your kindness and understanding and willingness to still help me out

I possess residual distillate in glass containers, and I aspire to fabricate cannabinoid-infused gummies. Regrettably, procuring cost-effective D8 gummies through local channels has proven to be an elusive endeavor. Consequently, I endeavored to embark on the development of vegan distillate infused gummies, an endeavor that did not yield favorable results during my initial attempt.

The procedure I initially undertook entailed the elevation of a fruit-based aqueous phase to a state of rapid ebullition, followed by the admixture of the distillate while it was in a heightened temperature state. My efforts to achieve homogenization, however, were met with substantial challenges. The distillate, due to its hydrophobic nature, exhibited limited solubility in the aqueous medium. This non-miscibility ultimately culminated in phase separation, with the distillate preferentially partitioning to the lower stratum of the gummy molds. Subsequent attempts to rectify the issue through physical manipulation proved less than satisfactory.

Subsequent research and introspection led me to the conclusion that my prior failure may be attributed to the absence of a suitable lipophilic medium. The distillate’s proclivity to be poorly miscible with water necessitates pre-incorporation with an oil-based matrix, such as coconut or medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, prior to introduction into the boiling fruit-based gummy matrix. Such a preliminary emulsification step is pivotal to ensure even and stable dispersion of the distillate within the gummy mixture.

While I have extensive experience in producing conventional edibles, primarily utilizing cannabis-infused fats or oils in the preparation of items like brownies, the selection of agar agar as the gelling agent for my vegan gummies remained unaffected. The challenge primarily revolved around the distillate infusion process.

Concurrently, I observed a discernible distinction in the psychoactive response to D8 gummies in comparison to conventional Delta-9 (D9) tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) edibles, and even full spectrum. Remarkably, D8 gummies elicited a more potent psychoactive effect even when administered at albeit unknown dosages. This observation could be attributed to individual variability in metabolic processing and receptor binding affinities for these cannabinoid compounds.

Irrespective of the aforementioned, my objective remains to optimize the utilization of the remaining distillate and ensure a successful infusion process for the development of distillate infused gummies. I wholeheartedly welcome any constructive insights or guidance on this endeavor.

(Is this better my friend?)

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Or how about,
I possess residual distillate in hermetically sealed glass receptacles, and I aspire to embark upon the synthesis cannabinoid-laden confections due to my antecedent favorable experiences with this specific cannabinoid congener. Regrettably, the procurement of economically viable D8-infused gelatinous formulations through local supply channels has thus far proven to be a formidable endeavor, marked by its elusiveness. In consequence, I resolved to engage in the laborious endeavor of developing vegan cannabis infused gelatinous matrices, a labor which yielded outcomes below the expected standard during the inaugural assay.

The modus operandi which I initially undertook entailed the subjuration of an aqueous phase predicated on fruit-based substrates to an inclement and rapid state of ebullition, followed by the admixture of the distillate whilst in a heightened state of thermal agitation. The endeavor to achieve homogenization, however, was fraught with formidable tribulations. The distillate, characterized by its recalcitrant hydrophobic character, evinced meager solubility in the aqueous milieu. This pronounced immiscibility ultimately culminated in a phenomenon of phase separation, with the distillate exhibiting a pronounced preference for the lower strata of the gelatinous molds. Subsequent attempts to ameliorate this conundrum through mechanical perturbation were attended by outcomes falling below the threshold of satiety.

Subsequent investigative inquiry, punctuated by introspection, led to the proposition that my previous lack of success may be traced to the absence of a suitable lipophilic milieu. The distillate’s predilection for discord with aqueous environments necessitates a prior and assiduous admixture with an oleaginous vehicle, exemplified by substances such as coconut or medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, in advance of its introduction into the ebullient fruit-based gelatinous medium. This preliminary step in the form of emulsification represents an indispensable prerequisite to effectuate uniform and sustained dispersion of the distillate within the matrix of the gelatinous substrate.

While my familiarity with the preparation of conventional ingestible items is extensive, primarily reliant upon the amalgamation of cannabis-infused lipid matrices for the crafting of comestibles like brownies, the choice of agar agar as the gel-forming agent for my vegan gummy formulations remained unscathed. The tribulations encountered in this endeavor were predominantly centered on the intricacies of the distillate infusion procedure.

Concomitantly, I perceived a discernible disparity in the psychoactive response to D8-infused gelatinous formulations in contrast to the established Delta-9 (D9) tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) comestibles. Evidently, D8-infused gelatinous formulations elicited an enhanced psychoactive response, even when administered in diminutive quantities. This peculiarity may be ascribed to idiosyncratic inter-individual variability in metabolic enzymatic activity, receptor binding affinities, and neuropharmacological responsiveness to these cannabinoid moieties.

Regardless of the foregoing, my primary objective endures as the optimization of the utilization of the residual distillate and the proficient infusion of the distillate into the composition of cannabis gelatinous matrices. I wholeheartedly extend an invitation for the constructive articulation of perspicacious counsel or illuminating insights germane to this scientific undertaking.

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Yes, homogenize your distillate with a little bit of MCT (enough to make it liquid) before adding it to your gummy solution


That is correct


Thank you buds =D <3 @Shrimp

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Hit me up here and I’ll be happy to get you a deal on a 5gal pail of 190 proof food grade ethanol. You can also call us at 833-PURE-GAS, and we’ll be happy to help out.

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Hey all, so I recovered a tonne of distillate in a very concentrated everclear solution, I was planning to just mix some of that eth and all into a bit of coconut oil then into the hot gummy mixture? I think this would be best because I know it needs to be suspended in a medium so it doesn’t precipitate out, but I’m a little worried about the interaction with the eth (not worried about consuming any) and coconut oil. Would it be beneficial to help it homogenize with the oil then mostly be evaporated off leaving the distillate in the coconut oil during boiling for the gummy mixture? Or will I get some more precipitating effects from this?

Can’t you just dissolve your concentrate in the coconut oil without dissolving in ethanol? Is there a reason you want to use both together?


Yeah I had to recover a bunch from a bunch of different vessels and using everclear to pick it all up and concentrate it all together was my best option, and don’t really wanna do a full purge on it and was hoping it would be beneficial and not hurt the process or destroy the binding properties of the coconut oil with the distillate?
We used to drink everclear as kiddos so not worried about lil drips getting in each gummy ;p Lil extra sumfin sumfin XD

Nope… You made crude not distillate. Distillate has to be distilled.



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Oh yes I’m sorry. I really need to make sure I have my terminology down. Yes it was cannabis processed in a super critical(or near as we could get it) closed loop B/P mix extraction system. This “crude” as ky_cbd points out is what was vacuumed off in the purge ovens after runs and samples taken home in jars. Most these used to be shatters or waxs but after sitting in jars have melted becoming what I think is a like solidified distillate? Or CRUDE. I suppose?

Uhhh what? Supercritical butane/propane mixture? What were your parameters? I don’t think you know what supercritical means :thinking:

Crude oil is a raw and unrefined form of extract. It’s a mixture of all different sorts of compounds, including your target compounds such as your cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc. and your unwanted compounds like fats, waxes, chlorophyll, etc.

Fractional distillation is a form of purification, in which you separate compounds from one another based on boiling points.

When you boil off your butane and recollect it in your solvent tank, you are distilling your butane from your crude oil mixture. When you boil off ethanol from your crude oil you are distilling ethanol. When you boil off your high boiling point compounds, in this context you are distilling cannabinoids from your crude oil.

Shatter and wax does not simply melt into distillate after sitting in a jar for a long time. If you separate the THC from it via fractional distillation, and put that in a jar, that would be considered distillate. In this context your shatter and wax are crude oil, since they are a raw mixture of unrefined compounds. (And yes you can say that they’ve been refined through filtration, but it’s still a raw mixture of chemicals which can be further separated into singular compounds.)

When you vacuum off excess solvent from your crude oil, you are purging your crude oil.

Are you still learning your terminology from ChatGPT?


Lol no just brain dead lately haven’t been sleeping at all. amazing im not dead or seeing shadow peoples tbh. Sorry about my sloppy terminology.
put my blinker on going around a soft corner the other day. Never did that before haha. been making all sorts of trippy brain failure related mistakes of late o.-;

You don’t gotta be sorry, it’s just to help you out, big dawg. Go get some rest.

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Thanks mane I really appreciate it. Kinda just sat back and was like… damn man. I used to RUN a lab, I’ve been making all sorts of weird mistakes and just throwing like random terminologies out there just cause their related or something… Just yeah. That weird trippy brain malfunctioning shit. Kinda reminds me of seizures but weirder o.0
It’s annoying and frustrating me, I can only imagine how ya’ll feel XP
Appreciate ya patience and corrections.
And no rest in the hood mane. Got woken up like 4 or 5 times last night, two of the times I couldn’t get back to sleep for a hr or better. x.x; Up at 6am on my dang days off lol.

Oh, what’s everyone think about the mixing? Should be fine right?
I maybe just give it a go today if I’m feeling up to it an report back ;p

Well my gummies failed again. Instead of precipitating out in like bits it all floated to the top of the gummies as they were setting and now I just have a brownish layer of cannabis concentrate sitting on top of gummies that look to have nothing actually in them. I homoed the fuck out the cannabis oil in eth an coconut oil before adding. Then mixed those with the hot juice till I couldn’t see them apart.
Still this happens.
Can you not infuse gummies with cannabis oil?
Is that why they never get me high?
So much wasted product and no way to recover or reuse it x.x
I’m so pissed rn.
All the medicine I had