Rolling bench install

I hope I can ask this here. If not delete.

What is the going rate to Install rolling benches?
And how long does it take?

I have 9 of 1.2m * 19.8 benches to install.

First timer be nice, :wink:

I installed 2 last year that were about the same size. Took me and one other guy 3 days

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I’m trying to figure out what to charge?

Per table, per day?

Will be needing some more hydro rolling benches in the near future . If that’s what we’re talking about .

I install 1200 square rooms with 5 37-47’ x 4-5’ tables in a day total. With help of one other. Can teach you multiple ways to make them work proper & calculate flow as well. Also added safety features

I’m a nice meticulous worker especially when appreciated lol.



What leds are you using?

Nice room setup.

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That’s was for a facility I built in lower Cali. They had the old illumetek neopar then got the new line for the top half of this building.