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Name: apothecary36
Company Name: apothecary36
Contact Info: DM
Location: Sacramento to San Diego
Team Size:1

Services Offered: Consulting, full time lab hand
Rates, if public:
States Available in: CA
Insured?: No
OLCC Workers Permit?: No

Looking for an opportunity to work in a place that doesn’t process garbage everyday.


What are you looking for here? Are you looking to work in a lab, or consult for one?

Either one, if the pay is fair.

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I have a lab in Santa Ana Orange County, send your qualifications to

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I manage a facility in mammoth lakes CA DM me for further questions and resume.

Looking to score a bag or a few bags of b80 in exchange for a phone/ email consult :rofl:

Help a brotha out and I’ll set you up to win


Im available for consults right now

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hey friend, please continue this in dm with sisco


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Would love to hear some reviews on my services. Ill use this post as my “references” link in the future.

Also I’m available for phone consults for dirt cheap. I’m considering raising my price soon, get it while the gettins good!


:point_up:this homie has been very helpful! Awnsers the phone, has great creative thinking to help design & improve custom builds and processes. Also lots of great tech to share. :sunglasses:


Anyone looking to up their game on the following skills, let me know! I’m open to trade my services for high quality nug or even trim.

-High volume crude production (lab or backwoods tek)
-crude refinement via LLE
-CRC tek
-bho texture/consistency and the theory behind each type.
-terpene extraction via hydrocarbon
-isolate production of concentrated cannabinoids
-short path and wiped film distillation
-retail product formulations
-equipment purchasing assistance (GLG discount)