RFC: Badges: Members of the Month, Specialty badges for experts

Opening discussion from Seed giveaway - #68 by Badcookieextracts regarding adding system badges for members of the month and experts in specific fields.
What should the requirements be? Peer review? A vote?

Please discuss.


I like the idea of possibly opening up a poll every month to vote for a MoM. It’d be cool is some of those beaker award nominees (and winner(s)) had a badge for there respective contributions.
Ie: dread and waxplug ge the clorox crew badge
Breaking dabs spd guru badge so on


If @J12 is not a thca expert then I don’t think one exists lol


On a technical point, I can select an ‘owner’ of a group (groups are where badges come from), and the owner can control who is in the group or not. Here is where I foresee an issue;

What will other major spd dealers think about that? This is where the idea of a competition came up and sounds like a really cool plan. Peer review is the only other way I can see to do it. People are gonna get salty about not having a tag they feel they deserve, even if they don’t truly deserve it.

Some kind of barrier to entry


I elect myself the expert in debauchery. LOL thats the only field im an expert in…The rest im average


For some of the badges hold a tournament for championship. Every month, three months or six months whichever is more suitable. One person can challenge the other like a championship fight. Maybe others can have smaller bouts for positions for a spot to challenge the champion. face to face could be hard. At the same time there could be a every 3 month get together to hold these competitions. Some things cannot be face to face and need time (Like thc-a). Just am idea to work around.


I wonder who has made the heaviest thc crystal…


This is the direction we need and that’s why I’ve brought it up many times… they have so many subgroups within a group such as SPD and WFE and RFE are all distillation. But each are ran differently. Another example LPG and ethanol extractiom are hydrocarbons.

I think the best way to start even this first we need a tree flow diagram to start cat

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You might be referring to @Sidco_Cat


Heaviest thc-a crystal, most potent distillate, seed genetics guru, Best customer service, Highest attributing member, Isolate expert, unbelievably uncut carts, Most liked, Most commented, Informative informer, Best buds, Company of the month, Small business of the month, Most medicinal medicine, Terpenes to trip over, Readily respected, Than the member with the most time on the forum for said time should get the “Your wife misses you” badge. Those are my ideas for badges and awards.


Market knowledge expert

if im betting on it…im saying @Chemistrees

I think i own that badge…too. what happens if you have multiple badges?


Same as now, you choose which one to display, but they can all be seen on your profile.

Who will manage all of these badges?

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Depends on the importance of the badge. Whoever is assigned to be the ‘owner’ of said badge can add and remove users.
The SPD face-off will be a moderator/you.

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You would hold multiple badges for sure my dude.


I nominate @soxhlet, @cyclopath @Killa12345 and @roguelab to approve of badges


Seen one on IG a while back of 212gr😮


How about most improved player. I feel like I’ve leveled up lately


Just a thought, at moderator discretion the winner of a MoM could be made owner of another badge to which they were nominated, like “thc-a expert”. They could award their peers the same badge based on post history / pleads of the user wanting the badge.