Reverse Osmosis System Recommendations


Looking for a recommendation on a company that provides good RO Water Filtration systems.

I would like around 2000-3000 gallons per day, and a tank that holds around the same amount.

Could in theory have a smaller tank if the water filters faster.

One thing that’s important is that the system just works, and we don’t need to change the filters daily. Cheap replacement filter costs would be nice as well.

Thanks all

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Hydroid from hydrologic in my honest opinion it is the best R/O for its price by a mile.

Build your own it’s not hard


Kidney dialysis centers have giant ro filters. There may be some made specifically for medical use.

I would love to… I’m a complete newbie at that, is there anyway i can learn more details?

For all my water needs I go with Mac Water. I used them for years. Tom is a beast and will set you up right.

Hmu is you need more info

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I have an RO unit for sale that can provide 3 types of RO water at a rate of 55g/hr

Hello Complete, we have complete RO systems, please email us and we can put together information and quote for you. Thanks,