zOk so got lucky on a auction
And got this toy
Now what to do ?
Guess oil in solvent and freezing to -150C
To see what happens is one
butane and ethanol Will freeze but what happens to the oil
Any other sugestions ?
Take iT appart and figure out how they manage such a precise Ln2 assist cooling
Make a chiller coldtrap :rofl:
Who ever has a idea shoot see what we can do


Try extracting with subcritical ethane?

? Have to look that. Up
Why ethane seem a good idea in your opinion ? Yust curious

No real benefit other than low bp. Should be just like propane or butane extract.

polar ?
Vapor pressure at room temp ?
Smell ?

DME dymethylether is a gas low bp
Fairly safe but horibd

It is an alkane like propane, just a simpler one.
3.8453 MPa (at 21.1 °C)
Gas has no smell

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Hmm see If i can get it i call praxair tomorow ask😀

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I also wonder if dme will still extract pigments and fats at very low temps like what u can reach in your revco.

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Worked a lot with DME in Giv E that a shot😀

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Cant wait to see results of that :slight_smile:

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What did you mean when you said DME is fairly safe but horibd?

DME has a higher flash point is less toxic
But is very polar making gunk extracts butextracts very Well strips of aa lot

Hows it goin with your freezer?

:confounded: the unit weighs 800 pounds and runs on 380 V not. That easy to get to plug and play When in Rogue lab conditions
But she s kept safe and. Clean for show time

Jeez i bet shipping was pricey, how many amp does it draw on at 380v

Nah thats the great thing the netherlands is a small country 200 Miles by 150 Miles
17 mln people so enough auctions
Rent a moving truck with back loading platform and go get iT go and come back almost never more than 6 hours
Rental fee and gas around 120$