Reusing brine from water washing

Hi, we are about to start degumming ~80kg crude/day. I am not looking forward to making 20-30 gallons of acidified brine every day.

Am I able to filter and reuse the brine a few times (after confirming pH and salt saturation), or will the gums stop any chance of that?

The amount of time it takes to make the brine would justify a small bag filter setup and simply tossing the bag after every filtration.


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Are you using etoh to extract? Maybe you dont get a lot of gum

I use butane and when i degum crude it might take 20 gallons to wash 1kg of oil in heptane.

If you are just degumming you dont have to wash every time with low pH water just the first couple times.

I use the degumming enzyme and it seems to do a good job

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We are using chilled ethanol. I’m planning for a single wash with heptane, highly emulsified with citric acid to drop the gums. Currently doing testing to find the optimal level of CA to promote a healthy degum and not acidify the oil.

Theres a new product on the market called degumming clay that eliminates the need to use acids for making the phosphatides hydratable.

Its bentonite clay with degumming enzyme added to it.


I make distillate with chilled ethanol and I’ve never needed to “degum” anything. My brine washes don’t do anything. Simple winterizing takes care of any “gums”.

I had to take steps when I tried using a hydrocarbon crude.


At what thruput and what distillation method? For shortpath I completely agree. For wiped film @ 12kg/hr feed rate, I quickly learned that methodology doesn’t work.

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Do you happen to have a link?

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Ah, yah shortpath sorry. Haven’t tackled a wiped film yet :wink:

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I didnt know it was out on the market yet. Where do we get it from?

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I cant give you a direct link because i dont know of any companies that stock the degumming clay yet, what i have is a sample from Carbon Chemistry. Im sure @Killa12345 will have degumming clay for sale in his webstore very soon.


what is everyone using to to get ph up to 9?