residual solvents in terpenes

I’m curious has anyone in here seen residual solvents in botanical terpenes that you bought from a company? Recently had a lot of pentane show up in a residual test on some terpenes. I won’t name where they came from but curious if others have seen anything similar.


I have not seen it in lab tests but I’ve read about it for sure. It’s a known issue especially with synthetic terpenes, but can be associated with extracted botanical terpenes as well.

Floraplex posts RS and HM test results on their purchase pages. Not sure how relavent that is batch to batch

Yep usually ethanol or pentane in low amounts. Nothing to lose my shit over but i have seen a few almost to the limit.

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Would this be for botanically derived only and not hemp/cannabis derived? I’d really love to know where they came from…

these were botanically derived

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I’ve had true terps test for acetone.


Ive def seen a myrcene sample degrade into compounds that test as acetone and have a sample to test again thats been sitting for 2yrs now. Alot of the monoterpenes are unstable in their “pure” form. Quenching agents can help prolong shelf-life.


what does it mean to quench an agent?

quenching of singlet oxygen, hydrogen transfer, or electron transfer. essentially is an antioxidant, but the rabbit hole gets pretty deep pretty quick and I will do a poor job of trying to relate all the intricacies here. Here is a relevant paper Someone with more chemistry depth could elaborate.

In short, “neat” terpenes (isolates) are rather unstable (not saying 1L of myrcene will turn into 0.5L of acetone like substance, but its very difficult to maintain 99.99% pure myrcene at 99.99% for very long, unless a quenching agent is used)

In complex mixtures from natural products, like a well made BHO product there are a many of components that are acting together dynamically/synergistically to maintain a degree of stability, (although the same can be said for a complex mixture increasing degradation liability of the components as well) These synergies are usually rather complex and take alot of effort to study, but such work has been done before on other natural products and may be cross applicable to cannabis extracts.

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