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He argues that more time, thought, and authority intervention is needed before CBD or THC is touted as a cure for cancer. I disagree. I sit in chemo rooms now. Let me present a tangent. A man came in a few weeks back for a maintenance dose of chemo. Some folks only do it once a month or less and he was one who had seen his cancer go into remission so he only elected the intermittent treatment. He asserted strongly that his cure only happened when he discarded most traditional treatments and relied instead on intense prayer and devotion. He said over and over that the cure was not in the chemo but only found through faith. He was frankly an annoying bastard who enjoyed projecting his voice but he was left alone… no eye contact… lol.

If we applied the logic of the article here which leans toward prohibiting the advertisement and therefor belief that there are alternative paths of hope in favor of government sanctioned ways then how are we to deal with the preachers of faith like my annoying friend who did indeed have “proof”? I say it is a personal choice and that trusting authority with these decisions is to trust the fox who guards the hen house. I myself avoid making medical claims because it can definately screw with somebody’s head in a bad way but it is far worse I think to mandate trust in authority who historically has made no better sense than anyone else. They just say it better.


I agree almost completly :fist_left:
With what You are saying
I yust want to try to have as much info on this site and the visions of those who are highly respected in this enviorment of cannabis