Request: Website / IT Assistance

To request:

-Start a new thread with the group name in the title

  • Website / IT Assistance

-Have at least 5 members you want added to the group (all need to verbally confirm before the group is formed)
I know I’m missing plenty but tagged a bit over 5 to get the ball rolling?
and anyone else looking to have website or IT topics or discussions or assistance on how to do it yourself is welcome (request to join?)

-Assign a group admin to be instated to manage the group, and thus the private sub category.

This is a test, more rules may be announced, this whole idea may be scrapped, changed, whatever.

Well cheers to test runs.

Specifically limitations on how many groups we are starting, how to keep this from becoming a huge hassle for the site admin

I think it would do well to pitch this to your Lifetime GLG members, vendors, talented sop makers and educators primarily, but opening it up this way here’s what I would do for keeping where I can help organized…

I wouldn’t be oposed to it being public either, I don’t necessarily need to control this. I think it would just be nice to organize a section for all those starting e-commerce businesses.

I’m just spitballing but I’ve got a few clients from here and people I help with and if that could be more organized than my dms. It’d be helpful and appreciated I think.

I won’t be heart broken either way, just figured since this was here. I’d give it a go.


I’ll be there. “YOU get a website going, and YOU get a website going…everybody gets their website going!”

Ours will be some cliche Terrapin-something, pretty sure.


I’m down!


Seems reasonable enough to me :call_me_hand:




I’ve been known to nerd occasionally