Request for more pesticide papers

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This call is for anything pesticide related. Some studies on the effects of smoking pesticides perhaps?

Add either a DOI or a link

Does this count,

Also ran across this one specifically for myclo. Pesticide remediation of Cannabis oil - Myclobutanil removal by flash chromatography

Sure does! Thank you much!

Would like to add to this request - although this forum is mostly about extraction and hash it would be great to get more material regarding organic pest control. Iā€™m not against using chemical input materials in cultivation that have been proven safe when applied responsibly, but the current list of approved pesticides in CA is pretty scant, ad it would be great to get some material regarding the best possible way to apply these pesticides, and how to most effectively work with biological controls. I guess the same would go for any material regarding organic fungicides.

I hope to add some literature on this soon as well as some really interesting stuff on significantly increasing oral/sublingual bioavailability.


Here is a PDF I thought you would find helpful. SPEX CertiPrep - SPEX CertiPrep Inorganic and Organic Certified Reference Materials