Replacing a Grill Cord


As seen here my grill cord, the black cord, broke in my extension cord, the opaque cord, and I am quite annoyed. Was going to grill some chicken:/

Anywho. My idea is to just replace the black cord with a new cord if its even remotely safe to do, so I wanted to ask the smarter people here their opinion on this electrickery before I attempt it.

Thank you.

You don’t need to replace whole cord, just got a new 3 prong cord end from ace, Lowe’s, home Depot or similar home improvement store. Put green wire on round/bottom terminal. Don’t strip any more insulation from the wires or sheathing that covers the wires than absolutely necessary


It’s the ground that broke. The cord will still work. You only use the ground right before you electrocute yourself.


My recall is we’ve tried coaching you through electrickery before and it wasn’t a great idea.

I’d grill then fix it, the neutral wire is still connected to ground…



Grill doesn’t turn on cause of it lol

Just says “err”

I got the jist of what to do now. I’ve done it a few times before.

That’s a fancy grill!

Apparently they really don’t want you electrocuting yourself.


I guess so

It annoys me but I will have to fix it regardless

I dm’d you a video of me turning it on


I prefer ace but thanks, i know what to get now

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is that plastic ethically sourced?