Removing moisture from Plant Material post steam distillation

I’m curious if anyone here has a method for quickly removing water from 8-10 lbs of biomass per day. Looking to extract some material that has been soaked during steam distillation via EToH. Would like to avoid hang drying or ovens or freeze driers if that’s an option. Maybe a screw press of some sort or an apple press or perhaps a clandestine tech you’d love to share? I’m worried the plant biomass will be largely compromised after being pressed with high pressure. Thanks for any advice or tips.

Rapid airflow with a heat source?

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Food dryer?


We use a insulated heater proofer, spread the bio mass on baking sheets and fire it up!


centrifuge? :wink:


Vincent Corp. They remove liquid and moisture from anything. Best part is they have a C1D2 model. I press my biomass after etoh ext.

If youre not in a hurry put it under vacuum and the volatiles will boil off.

Better question, is how are u isolating your terps from your ethanol?

We proof our EToH every second use. So far haven’t fallen below 190 proof. Have had some PH issues though. But to answer your question no sir lol This isn’t how we isolate terps. If they become an issue in EToH we simply Mol Sieve.

Ultimately we settled on an apple press to remove most of the water and a food dehydrator for the remainder. Smashes 3-4 wet pounds into a puck no taller than 3/4 of an inch and we can fit 6 pucks in our dehydrator. We then place the pucks in the dehydrator and theyre bone dry within 8 hours.

We have multiple Vincent Corp presses and plan on getting more. They’re great.