Removing Diamonds from Mason Jars


Curious if any of you have any tips or tricks for getting THCa diamonds out of the mason jar post-crash. I don’t like the idea of applying a lot of pressure to a glass jar for both the safety of my staff as well as the potential for product loss.


Crush em. You can put these metal things In there, or agitate as they grow to prevent a huge puck.

You can try putting a small amount of fresh room temp butane in the jar after you pour the terps. Close it up for a few minutes and allow it to build pressure. After it does you can burp the jar a little and the puck should lift from the bottom/break apart. :+1:


Interesting, I’m definitely going to have to give this a shot, thanks!


Bonus points to check the saturation curve of his username. :call_me_hand:

EDIT: Ha! Didn’t realize OP was OP.

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Either make them loosies while they grow ……
Or your like a. Thermal bead bath if have access to loosen em up for picking them away
No crazy heat just a little hand warmer like consistency

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how about just don’t grow a puck grow individual stones ,“El Lucy”

Or pan tek that chit