Anyone need remediation services in California? DM me.

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Till what % can You take out ?

Well below 0.3%

I meant what % My be in the crude to get to 0.3%

Any %

Cost per l?

DM me - pricing depends on material. If you can send me COA I can give you an estimate.


via chromatography?

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@eyeworm Yes

What part of la?

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How can I contact you

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We specialize in Moving product in Bulk, We have several compliant partners that we deal with
to bring curated Premium cannabis products to the market.
If you are interested please contact me.

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Im in sfv, what remediation process do you have and how much can it process a day?

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Chromatography. 100kg weekly via distillate. 300kg weekly for crude. @Trtripper

ill dm you this

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How can you process 3x the amount of crude versus distillate? Doesn’t sound like chromatography but I guess I’m probably missing something?

bed + mobile phase + separation mechanism sum up chromatography in short - we simply have two chromatographic methods. @THCremediation

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We also run our de winterized and decarbed “crude” through chromatography to remediate THC. If we were to distill first it would slow our process down a bit.


How’s your yield doing it that way? Do you have any issues gunking up your column?