Reliable large-capacity products

Many large-capacity products are on the market today, and I have tried several D8 brands, there is the inevitable problem of terpene fragrance loss and condensate. Has any brand solved this problem?

Lots of Brands are using D8 oils with 2 Grams devices. Google and Gas stations might be a better choice for Consumers

How large is the product u tried? normally, as for those 1ml carts for CBD, terpene fragrance starts to fad when you use more than 0.7-0.8 ml. To deal with the problem of terpene fragrance loss, R&D team have to change the size and porosity rate that is applicable to their viscosity of oil.

I have tried 2ml,3ml and have these problems. I can understand terpene volatilization, but is there any way to solve the condensate problem.

The condensate problem is caused by the long Connecting Rod between mouth piece and the heating coil. The large capacity one must have a long rod. Maybe changing the design of voltage, resistance, size and formula of ceramic coil could provide a massive smoke to solve the condensate problem.

are you using pure d8 distillate ? maybe we can try to look into what the true reasons are

Condensate can cause the problem of oil spit, which greatly affects the experience of using. Vape spitting are one of the most prominent problem areas in the cannabis vaping industry. Spit-back in the device occurs when oil passes by the cap area and can occur during inhalation or over time with the handling of a machine.