Refrigerant scale for 200lb tank

So I upgraded to a 200lb solvent tank but it maxes out my scale empty :man_facepalming:t2:Any suggests for a large refrigerant scale that reads over 220lbs?

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try this

Either that or you have a coustom platform with a load cell built.

It’s a 14” ring on the bottom. Is there any real difference between a refrigerant scale and say a floor shipping scale?

Yes, the scale remembers the weight it was tared to even when turned off.


I’m wondering the same thing.we bought am explosion proof scale from bhogart but it was 800 bucks and it’s kind of a pita. We need another one though and I wanted to look around for other options. Did you figure anything out @Sriley28? Any other recommendations from anyone aside from a large shipping scale? Grazi