Red streaks in distillate

Hello all,

I’ve been seeing people talking about red streaks in their distillate here and there, but I wanted to start a thread about it to get more information.


-2nd pass : 155c/98c ( evaporator/internal condenser )
-6’’ Chinese WFE
-ext condenser: 3c
-vac at around 40mt-50mt.

I had CBD distillate with red streaks and wanted to try to remove them. I increased the internal condenser to 98c, hoping it would help.

During the run I noticed a very small amount of very clear distillate falling into the reject flask, and still the same red streaks in the receiving flask.

I decided to play around and lower the temp of the evaporator, wanting to see at what temps the red streak would not evaporate.

At around 135c-140c, I noticed red/black streaks going into the reject flask.

The only thing is, at these temps, CBD shouldn’t be boiling off at this vacuum/temp. Meaning that the CBD and red/black shit is going into the same flask → Same starting problem.

Thank you to anyone who can enlighten us on this subject.

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I have experienced the same thing. The red hue will rise to the top of beaker after sitting. Although i am not 100% sure I think this is the portion that has been converted into CBN. Test results show a higher % cbn the more red i see.

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Yep, sounds like oxidation. That vacuum level of 40-50mt seems like that needs to be examined. I run at that level just to purge residual ethanol prior to hitting the rest of the volatiles. I typically run our main fraction below .10mmHg.