Red color with short Path



Hello everybody
Thanks for all your comments in advance
This is my second run with a short path brand Open Source Steel 2L
The problem is i keep getting this red dark color and i dont know what can be the problem
i use qwet extracction, later winterized, later filter throught celite.
Then evaporated ethanol in a destiladora of water until it is my statement ready. Then placed the material in the flask of boiling and beginning as follows:
90 C for 20 minutes
120 C for 10 minutes
160 for 10 minutes
180 by 20 minutes
200 by 30 minutes 20 minutes
220 by
230 by 15 minute collected by 25 minutes
235-239 terpenes collected by 30 minutes main fracction
245 collected tails

I keep reading yours post but i cant find something like a protocol to compare what im doing, if you have some comments or can tell me about others post where to find some clues i will be very helpfull. Thanks a lot!

This is the color i get after winterized for two days

This is the equipment


sounds like a vac leak, mains is super high
what grease are you using? how much do you put on a joint?


Hi, i use Dow Corning and for the amount i use is like a small nut; always come out when i put the glass joint.


you’re going to need a vacuum gauge before this can be solved. i dont see one in your setup.

take a very close look for any bubbling inwards on your joints.
next place to look is thermal probe oring overtighten and gl vac line overtightens.
next is that neato hose rig on your vac pump.


[downtheterphole] You are right i need to buy one, but about the bubbles you mentioned i noticed when i get to 160 C there are little bubles like “lines” in some joints they are leaks?
And i just read another post, they say to run for almost 10 hours maybe in this im wrong too.


Any second hvac gauge is better than nothing
Try. To connect glass but let vacuum really push iT together
Heated time is a enemy You want iT done fast but not to fast
Avoiding flooding of the head and Some reflux still


Are you winterizing for 2 days after your distillation run? Or before? Just wanted to double check, the etoh will definitely isomerise some pure extracts into a reddish hue.

I use bleaching clay from my 1st to second pass and I get bright beautiful gold oil every time.


I do the winterizing before the run, you did it after too? and for the bleaching clay i only did it after winterizing. Do you re-dissolve it in alcohol in the second pass to filter it?


Don’t redo the winterizing if you’ve done it already. Was just making sure you had the order right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Use bleaching clay at 5-10% at 80-90c. Agitate as much as possible for 30 min. Dissolve 1:1 heptane/hexane to oil volume. Filter over celite or something similar to get the bleaching clay out. Vap off heptane, then distill.


Winterizing after first pass can CAN make sense
I have always When done a second winterization on a first pass Distillate cought something in the filter
I don t recomend iT but iT can be done without Harm
But as Many have stated
Any extra step one takes to perfection
Is a risk wheter You drop iT or pour. IT in a not so Well washed container that still was acitic
If one is sure to have caught mains perfectly
But still have low cannabinoid content
Azeotropes are often the culprit
And winterization or absorbants are your only options


I feel like someone should chime in about the temps here …

It’s too hot, dont go over 220c, lower is better but requires more vac power to make the oil jump over

also dont use grease, it will get into your oil, Just use distillate to seal your glass joints


Distilate instead of grease? i find a little leak in the cold trap and was thinking to use grease to plug


Grease is fine
We try to use Distillate on the joints of the vapor path for there is No isseu with contamination
The coldtrap only holds crap so No worry s
Unless You do a hot Condenser tech at 180C all cannabinoids in the cold trap :rofl::rofl:


We use distillate on all joints that the oil may come into contact with to avoid contamination. Use grease on all others.