Recovery pumps for saleeee

Got the following pumps for sale…

The corkenw as used recently. the mvp was a backup and for side projects… the rest are from what i call the graveyard. 5ish full years of extraction technology. all just stuffed into a conex. even have some pvc tubes in there from like 7 years ago. yea… pvc. I said it. Remember before it got easy? Got can crackers in there… even found a full green refrigerant tank shaped like a propane bottle. r410a? can’t remember. got about 25 appions in there. (swapped them out like 3x a week and ran 4 at once), got a cmep and a cannibalized one, some other pump with a four letter acronym… can’t remember… a welch something? idk.). yea… ive given up my dream of an extraction museum. jk. but it’s intersting to think we saved everything from the whole progression.

anyways. buy my shittt. purchases come with advice. and although i’m not a GLGangster, definitely an og in the space.

Corken t-291-$15k
6 months old. Freshly
Rebuilt) and comes with a full lesson/support in the future on cleaning them, avoiding oil contamination, etc. also includes like
2kish in spare parts

MVP-6 also brand new gaskets in it. W/co2 tank-$3500

6+ TRS-21’s. 4 have brand new heads in them.

no idea. buy some other shit and i’ll throw trs’s on top for free?

at least one rarely used haskell. ext-420 maybe"? make an offer.

got a cmep but not sure I feel comfortable offering it for sale til we test it out.

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Damn and I went passive all the way and sold some of my parts for upgrading… But I’m not gonna say I don’t have my first open blaster 'cause I do.


what Area Are you in?

Message me about the mvp? I might grab the corken too

I’ll take the Haskell too

outside sacramento

MVP still available?

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Yep. Dm me.

What will I take to get a lesson on that Corken. Did you run a dryer? Any pointers/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.