Recovering etoh with spd. Need tips



I want to learn how I can recover etoh using a spd. What temps and rpm should I run it at? It’s all we have access to at the time


I just bought a cheap 2000ml distillation apparatus from amazon, got it next day witth Prime for around $60 used the condenser with ice water 1/2 speed turn on the mantle @40°c for recovery. Works great and faster them spd head


Use an alcohol still from amazon. You will save money in time . Sp takes forever for recovery of alcohol . But if you must use it and labor isn’t a cost to you then you need atleast one additional condenser preferably longer than a short path one. Circulate fluid through condenser atleast 0c and pull slight vacuum with oil less vacuum. 80c boiling flask or set to 95c with no vacuum . Once mantle starts climbing temp on its own your past that fraction. I usually distill about 100ml alcohol through my short path with everything assembled how I normally run but only to clean it works wonders on cleaning hard to reach spots in the quicks and with out much work


Do you have a link to the still you use from Amazon?


Similar to this


That’s crazy that this is better then the spd. Do you know why this works better?? I would assume it wouldn’t from the looks of it


Would this work on my 5l mantle?


Get a cheap claisson and liebig condenser for your existing boiling flask. You don’t need reflux or anything to distill off the etoh


Typically how much are you guys recovering using these?


I use a roto lol


I only used it long enough till I could get a Roto, it was faster than a spd head. But still kinda slow


How long do you run it and how much do you recover in that amount of time?


VEVOR 70L/18.5Gal Water Alcohol Distiller 304 Stainless Steel Alcohol Distiller Home Kit Moonshine Wine Making Boiler with Thermometer (70L Distiller)

I think your better off with one of these


4L/1Gal Alcohol Distiller Moonshine Still Kit - Water Distiller with Connection Bottle Home Brew Wine Making Kit

This one claims 6 gallons a day vs short path going to be about half that or less


Ive been recovering with SPD for awhile now. Connect a Liebig, run ice water. Pull vacuum. I set my mantle first at 25c, then bring it up to 30-32c at the end.


I tried this and had lots of alcohol lost . The deeper vacuum I had the more condensers and cold traps I needed to save the alcohol vs just using higher temp. Not to mention the time it took I had to dedicate a whole day to recovering alcohol


Its definitely not the most efficient way. But in a pinch. Yeah, it takes awhile. Getting a roto this week. Excited, been using spd for a year now for reclaiming.


I think it really depends on the amount of alcohol recovery needed per day. A roto can be very depressing also


it works better than the head & condenser on your SPD.

The boiling flask & condenser have those handy ground glass connections the chemists invented so they could play tinker-toy labware before tri-clover sanitary fittings existed :wink:

so instead of buying four pieces as shown, you buy two. a still head a little taller than your SPD head, and a longer condenser.

turning your still into a still should be trivial…right?

or at home scale there are sub$200 devices designed for the task.


And these contraptions, I’m able to put crude in with the etoh? I might just get one of these. Seems logical until we decide we want to save for a roto. Probably won’t happen