Recommended Minimun Amount of Material For THCa?


Was wondering what you all think the minimum recommended weight to make diamonds was? A local guy told me he could make me about an Oz of diamond/terps out of a half pound. Thought?

Appreciate you all.!

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Depends on the diameter of the container, you can grow thca crystals with a gram of bho if you had a test tube.

How big is your container?



So you give him 225g and he gives you 28g

That’s a reasonable ball park. Seems little on the low side, depending on input quality



@ScoobyDoobie no containers or equipment yet. More or less trying to figure out the minimum material and equipment needed to produce and scale from there.

Right now i’m growing in a small space so I figure ill get between 10oz and 16oz but when I move to our new house in 6 months I should get a few pounds.

@cyclopath thats what the guy estimated when i was asking him about how much to make an oz.

So about 4g a oz?

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I typically run an oz at a time and yield around 5-7g of THCa per run. About the same weight in terps once I pour off. I don’t dewax at all though so my yield is a bit higher than average normally.



You should just make it yourself. Its really not hard and you would not have to worry about lower yields than you were told.



hi there guys… im a grower i want to crystalize THC O acetate how do i do it ?



@Stone: First you have to grok the alchemy behind that transformation.

can you tell me why you want the Acetate?

Assuming you’re actually trying to make thc acetate (which I doubt), you ought be able to find the relevant threads, and the appropriate data in the data dump.

I suspect you’re just after crystalline thca

And there is a ton of info on that around here.


Edit: I see you’ve found the synthesis thread, and are interested in THC-O-acetate. Doh! :zipper_mouth_face: