Recommendations on Stainless Steel Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Hello, looking to put together a shell and tube heat exchanger array to cool Ethanol with LIN. The goal is to chill 20 gallons pre-extraction as the ethanol travels into a centrifuge. Starting temp will be ~ -20ºC, target temp is -70ºC.

I figure it may take 2 exchangers in series to achieve the temperature I desire or possibly recirculating the solvent through a single exchanger until the desired temp is achieved. I am also toying with the idea of using multiple exchangers using LCO2 as my first cooling fluid and LIN as the final. I really like the idea of having the flexibility to achieve a wider range of temps with greater control.

I’m currently looking at using a counter-flow design with the ethanol flowing through the tube side and LIN the shell side. LIN will be supplied via 230 Liter (at minimum) dewar through the heat exchanger into an expansion chamber than vented outside. Does anyone have any recommendations of companies, models, or setups for stainless steel shell & tube heat exchangers? Also, any info on design ideas, personal experiences, and so forth is greatly appreciated.

The plan is to build a data logger and control unit to automate the system using flow meters, pumps, pressure gauges, and thermo-probes to closely monitor and control the process. Most likely use Arduino or Raspberry pi, with a web control 32 board to control valves and flow. Still thinking through this part of the build. Need to find actuated valves that can handle temps in this range.

Thanks for the input!

I forget the manufacturer but I believe I recently found Grainger to carry a nice selection of all-stainless tube & shell heat exchangers. I’m about to buy one for the same reason. To replace/add to the chillers being used.

My systems currently use chillers and plate heat exchangers. Just get a pump and recirculate your ethanol until desired temperature is reached. A plate heat exchanger requires some pressure to operate effectively (aka use a pump). With a tube/shell design, you can chose to pump and recirculate or not.

Data logging some LN2 usage would be great, I’ve been itching to for quite some time.

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Sweet thanks for the info. I was looking at Grainger and saw Jose and insulation. I’ll check their exchangers too. It would be really convienent to get it all at the same place.

I’ve really been into the idea of building a data logger to capture all my process data. Seems like a very doable task givenn all the open source code and project plans available out there. Would just need to modify code heat and there to ensure accurate readings, data formats, and data flow.

Thanks again for the input!!

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I’ve heard really good things about Exergy heat exchangers. I believe they are pretty $$$$ though.

That’s funny. I was litterly just looking at their catalog, then thought let me check this Future4200 thread and I see your post talking about them. I’m putting in a request for a quote. We shall se. Seems like they will be very pricy!

@agilestainless in Portland, OR will build em for you too


Perfect thanks @Future for the recommendation.