Recommendations for Tests in SoCal

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The two labs we’ve used for testing throughout the years charge 500+ for full r&d testing and seem to inflate individual test prices to about 120+ ea.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a more cost effective lab for regular testing of various concentrates? I know some of you are doing a LOT of testing. Any tips you can share regarding budgeting in this field?

For a full panel locally (SE michigan) (pesticide, metal, cannanaboids, terps, solvents) is 700.00.

Most full panel tests in the US at accredited labs will be in that price range.

If you’re just doing R&D analytics it’s probably cheaper long term to drop $10-15k on a GC or HPLC and do it yourself TBH


our full panel tests are usually 500+ potency can be as low as 60 though.

I also second the in house analytics. We only have our finished product third party tested and it saves us a lot of time, but we do run about 5-10 tests a day during our process.

IMO extracting and post processing without analytics is like trying to navigate ikea with a blindfold. you may think you know where you going but b the time you take off the blindfold you are in walmart dazed and confused and have no clue where you took a wrong step.


This is always one of my strongest recommendations at consults, the value of a competent operator running in-house analytics is by far one of the biggest game changers for developing labs. The upfront cost is often lower than people expect and the salary of a good technician is minuscule compared to the savings in 3rd party tests, recalls, etc.

I should note that for other elements of a full panel such as micros and heavy metals would require more than just a GC. That being said a GCMS testing for residual solvents, terpenes, and cannabinoids is HUGE all on its own and you can get the gear for the other tests if you have the capital.

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If you are interested send me a message, I work for SRI. The 310MM GC tests for cannabinoids (including raw/acid forms, THCa, CBDa, THCVa, etc.), terpenes, and residual solvents. It has a built in hydrogen generator that uses distilled water. It is portable, requiring electricity to operate.

4 hours of free training is included, at the corporate office in Southern California (Torrance, CA). Unlimited tech support for life, including after hours and weekends.

We have a YouTube channel with instructional videos. You can request a video topic as well.

You’ll need a windows laptop or tablet. Our software PeakSimple is always free to download from our website. You can download it right now if you wish.

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How much $?



If you want me to hook you up, send a message my way.