Recieving METRC Transfer Practices?

Greetings all! This is a question for the processors out there that source 3rd party flower for extraction.

For those in legal states which have adopted Franwell’s METRC seed-to-sale cannabis tracking system, what are your practices regarding receiving flower from a manifest?

Do you check the weight? If so, do you obtain a net weight by transferring the flower to a tared container? Or do you do a quick check and if it’s close to the recorded weight on the manifest do you accept the package?

In the very least, when working with a new client you should weigh the first 5-10 deliveries. If it’s a trusted source, it’s up to you to determine if you need to weigh every bag, might be a waste of time :man_shrugging: The game is still pretty dirty at this level, better safe than sorry imo.


Thanks for that response. Do you find clients include tare weights on the containers? Do you just get a net weight by placing in a tared container?

Most companies include the weight of the containers. I think you’re just checking to make sure that the weight of the tote is the same weight when it left their facility as it was when it entered yours. Every company seems to have a slightly different interpretation of the receiving process but I have never seen anyone interpret it as physically weighing the material itself, just the box/tote(s) that they arrive in as a whole. Some companies will have their own internal procedure that requires their staff to inspect/count the contents of each package before signing off and hitting accept while the drivers are still there. Realistically if there’s an issue with the actual contents, you are going to catch this after they leave and address the discrepancy from there.

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Some do, some don’t. If they’re all the same type of bag (half the time they are) I’ll just tare 1 bag and check the rest. It’s on average +/- 5 grams. I’ve gotten bags 20 grams over and under. Unfortunately, if it’s old trim, they weigh it when they bagged it, water weight is lost over time, especially in Colorado, so it’s somewhat acceptable to have lost 10 or 20 grams.