Rechargeable high quality 510 Thread vape batteries

Key box
Patent unique design, Locked and loaded box can greatly protect your all glass Cartridges from dropping and broke. 350mAh Battery Capacity With a Micro USB charger.

Key Box Plus
650mAh Battery Capacity, Four adjustable Voltages 2.2/2.7/3.2/3.7V
Free Customized Paste Logo. Tiny Botton inside the box. Automatically shut down the battery when put down the cartridge. 510 Thread rechargeable.

650mAh Adjustable Voltages:3.4/3.7/4.0V
Perfect Unity of Artistic an Technical Strong 650mAh battery.

VB Battery: 350mAh adjustable voltages:1.8/2.7/3.1/3.6V
Magnet USB charger

This one has gone off in my pocket too many times lol- I forget to turn it off, and I’m always afraid to break the cart off the top- but that flip one up there in the above comment, that’s the one I neeeed!

So why not try our BBTANK Key box plus one, greatly protect your carts and a tiny bottom inside, automatically turn off the battery when you put down the cartridges.

Like this one, free paste design allow you print your logo for free.

I’d be happy to- also how much for 100 of those glass carts

DMed you.