realtor consultant (I find building for mmj operations)

If anyone is in search of OFF MARKET dispensaries in any state where is legal for medical or recreational, than I can tell you right here and now I work for the best cannabis realtor in the country. I am direct to them and we can get you great deals. You need to let me know price range you are looking for, but I am a consultant to this realtor and I bring in the buyers to the sellers, No brokers or middlemen. You will deal direct to the seller. The realtor just sold one in Michigan (Prop 1 just passed so quite the hot spot and there are tons available through this realtor, but OFF MARKET) and the one that just sold makes over $25,000 per day. There will be one available soon that makes $1,000,000 a month. Also, this realtor/consultant is direct to lab for cbd isolate and very inexpensive tolling services if needed for any labs. I hope that is OK to post here. Just trying to fit in and offer some aid in bringing services that might be desired. I am just a consultant, so I can get you on a direct conference call with the realtor/consultant if of any interest to any of you. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, warm blessings


In Lansing MI. About to sell 4 more there. I work for the largest cannabis realtor directly.

CPB of MI?

I would love to talk.

Not sure how to PM you. If these deals can work for a 1031 exchange, we may be able to buy in $200,000+ increments.

Sure leave me your email and I will reach out

We are interested in properties in Michigan please email me at