Real Cannabis Derived Terpenes Available

Hi folks,

I am new to this site and appreciate seeing the strength of this community and wealth of knowledge shared here and I’m glad to be able to share this opportunity with you all.

Kaweah Bravo is a company dedicated to promoting the essence of cannabis as a flavoring & aromatic supplement for widespread use. Our terpenes are collected from cannabis biomass with a proprietary system that utilizes a microwave system to excite the molecules and capture over 90% of the terpene content in a single pass. Our cannabis derived terpenes test below the legal limit for THC, making them legal for sale and use in any application.

For your review I’ve attached a few sample tests, one showing a terpene profile and a variety showing the THC levels in the product. Please note that the terpene profiles are still hard for the labs to analyze due to the limited list of terpenes they can actually test for and the wide variety available in the cannabis plant.

mimosaterps (1).pdf (545.6 KB)
Sour Breath COA.pdf (173.0 KB)
Pineapple Express COA (1).pdf (175.0 KB)
Wild Cherry Punch COA (1).pdf (174.8 KB)
Sherbet COA.pdf (174.0 KB)

We are located in the California Central Valley and ship our terpenes worldwide. Our pricing starts at $20 per mL and can offer discounts in volume over 1L. Please email us at for more information on ordering & strain availability, we look forward to connecting with all of you.

UPDATE: Because of the high volume of inquiries and a reply limit set by the forum I’m requesting email responses instead of DM to ensure I can reply to everyone in a timely fashion. Thank you all.


Doesnt apply to terpenes for some reasom

Btw I’d love to try these


Why only cannabinoid testing in coa? What about pesticides and toxins? Do these get picked up in extraction process? Thanks.

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Unfortunately it becomes extremely expensive to run full COAs on all our terpenes but right now everything is derived from a single cultivator source that is safe and we can provide results showing they are pest free.

As StoneD mentioned we are not selling CBD products, I did read all of the forum requreiments and did not see anything that applied to terpenes specifically.


@sidco let’s reinstate this post


@KaweahBravo has the best derived terps I’ve tested so far. Definitely hit these guys up if your looking for quality and a great price

Still going through their current list, the ones I’ve used are all fire.


Thank you @BlkVld it’s been a pleasure working with you. Appreciate the feedback!

Are they marijuana or hemp derived?

They are derived from cannabis, but contain below 0.3% THC so based on the way the laws are written we define them as a hemp product.


oh shit I was on the fence ordering a sample pack but I’m kind of glad I didn’t, I didn’t know they had any thc in them.

They are derived from cannabis so there will be traces, it’s impossible to fully isolate without losing the integrity of the product. We’re talking between 0.1-0.2% THC which is on par for a lot of hemp product.

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@qma mimosa

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They’re out :cry: