Item Model/Manufacturer: S-100L
Description: Capacity: 100 L Intercalation Volume: 28L
Stirring Power: 250W
Stirring Speed: 60-600rpm Stirring Shaft Diameter: 15mm
Vacuum degree: -0.098Mpa
Power Supply: 240V/60HZ
Price/MSRP: $4250
Current location of item: CN
Estimated lead time: 15 Work Days After Payment
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: 1 year

100L Glass Reactors, available in stock, What’sapp:8617734787461

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Glass Reactors in warehouse. All models are available.

100L Glass Reactors are in warehouse now, you can pick it up or receive it by arranged a truck, only two units, please order quickly! :boom: :boom: :boom:

Crystallization Glass Reactors, 2 units in L.A. $7000+, Contact me now!!!

20L little cute reactor.

Glass reactors are available in L.A… 100L/50L can be placed an order now. We support customization if you need. Contact me to get more info.

Crystallization reactors, 50L and 100L. They could be matched a chiller, centrifuge, rotary evaporator, or tanks. Pictures are showing the detials.

Two types of reactors which are glassreactors and rystallizationreactors. 50L and 100L of each type. They are used for cbd extraction and cbd isolation.

I’m interested in your 100L crystallization reactor.
Is the unit sold as is or is there a warranty of functionality?


Send me a price sheet please.

All lab equipment you have.
Need prices for them shipped to your warehouse in west coast USA.

Some details pics for 100L crystallization reactor.

50L glass reactors, running video. It also has anti-explosion model.

50L&100L crystallization reactors are in stock. Fast delivery, accept cash.
WhatsApp: +86 13939530056

100L has been sold out. Only 50L glass crystallization reactor is available. Fast delivery after the order. DM me for more info.

50L glass crystallization reactor is available in L.A… Fast delivery after the order.
WhatsApp: +86 13939530056

100L glass reactor is available in local warehouse. Contact me to get it.
WhatsApp: +86 13939530056

Stainless Steel Reactor, if you need it, contact me on WhatsApp(+8613939530056)

50L glass reactor /// 50L crystallization reactor
Only one unit for each in local warehouse in L.A.
DM me for price! Support multiple payment methods, pick it up directly after paid.