Reactor Vessel for THCA

Hello friends,

I was curious if anyone has had any luck crystallizing THCA in a large reactor vessel. I know these machines are typically used for CBD crystallization but just curious to see if anyone has had any luck with THCA. If so, what vessel are you using?


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Short answer yes.

Longer answer:

Reactors are used for all sorts of chemical reactions. It doesn’t care what’s in it as long as you know what the product inside needs regarding solvent temp and pressures and saturation.

Reactors are great at controlling their atmospheres and setting accurate temps, and stirring. Most glass reactors don’t like positive pressure though so that should be kept in mind if your sop requires pressure you may wanna go with stainless.


Are there any stainless steel reaction vessels that you would recommend? crystallizing in jars is becoming a bottle neck for me. I was thinking I could apply a lot of the same concepts to a reaction vessel and increase production in volume and speed.

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Depending the quality of your stones you’d like you’re still better of recrx after initial crash in reactor in another vessel to be easily harvested.

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Shoot me a DM with the volume you’re scaling to and I can work out an affordable solution for you

Now if we could just get a team of verified consultants together, we might be able to get this reactor thing going!



Great how much mileage one can get out of a good wheel no?

stainless Reactor - Google Search is fairly informative…


Also working on this SOP, were thinking Heptane so we can do it in our C1D2 area and not affect our MAQ table for hydrocarbons in the C1D1 booth. Anyone have experience crashing out THCA with heptane? THCA decarbed is the new disty, also seeing WillBilly and Waxplug1 making THCA-Oil seems next level and i’m super curious.

I’m not going to use this one in the video because they want $250K for maybe $50K worth of equipment. (Cascade Green Tax) But similar to the concept of thermocycling the solution for CBD in the reactor to force a crash out of THCA is the goal.

CRC and a blend of solvents including Pentane is another idea I like but not for this thread. I know that CannaGas was making this blend earlier in the year for its loyal customers :slight_smile: (which I am not).

I’ll circle back on our progress soon!


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What reactor did you end up going with?