Reactor in CA for sale

Hello everyone,we have 1 set jacketed glass reactor for sale.

Capacity: 100 L
Intercalation Volume: 28L
Stirring Power: 250W
Stirring Speed: 60-600rpm
Stirring Shaft Diameter: 15mm
Vacuum degree: -0.098Mpa
Power Supply: 240V/60HZ

You can pick up the reactor yourself or we can deliver them to your door. The price is very cost-effective and there is no tariff.

If you’re interested,please DM me or contact me by
Waiting for your early reply.

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We have another batch of reactors arriving at the CA warehouse.

Another 100L jacket glass reactor in LA now!it is widely used in the process like Combination, Reaction, Separation,etc.
dm me for more info.

In CA warehouse,welcome to order.

How much?

Do you have any 100L double jacketed reactors with explosion proof motors?

@primomeds upgrage the torque too

Be careful with that bottom valve, I’ve seen this design strip out then the reactor constantly leaks


Pls check your dm.

Yes,we have 100L jacketed reactors with explosion proof motors.
Pls check your dm.

Please rest assured that we have a one-year warranty, and we will be responsible for any quality problems.

Many models for you to choose.

50L jacket glass reactor for extraction,combination, reaction, separation,concentration, etc?


For the 100L jacket reactor has been sold out,only have 50L jacket reactor left.

A new batch of reactors arrived at the California warehouse,explosion-proof also available,welcome to order.

Reactors!Customized for customers.

100L jacket glass reactor has been sold out,only have 50L jacket glass reactor left.
Explosion proof and ordinary are all avaliable,dm me for best price.