Racked closed loop, parts and accessories

Racked closed loop and many other and parts everything in pictures is for sale, all together package deal…6,500$! Can be ran active or passive… All 3/8”and 1/2” jic/npt
50# solvent tank

  • 40 ball valves
    4” 6” spools/filters
    2# to 10# + runs, many ways too run…
    Extra hoses, clamps, ball valves, gaskets, spools, gauges, caps, filters, pumps, crc, fittings, condensers, etc…some stuff brand new. Def didn’t list all, but everything pictured included… any questions ask…
    …$6,500! OBO
    Located in Boring Oregon…

May or may not want to edit the ass photo lol


Ha! Wow, I don’t know how…

It’s basically stuck there unless it’s an issue for u I’m sure the moderators could pull some strings. Nice ass though


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How much for solvent tank?

Sorry, trying to sell everything together before I start parting it out…