Rachig head packing

  1. I KNOW glass rachig rights are recommended…HOWEVER, I’m poor and it’s 2 months worth of saving lol. Are ceramic rings safe and or effective?

  2. When when packing the head how “full” can I pack it?

(I distill for personal use only, severe adverse reactions to terpenes so distillate is my choice method of use im 65 on SS, my funds and knowledge is limited here)

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We got little bags of glass ones for like $20. You don’t need much

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Crazy last time I looked they were SUPER expensive… well that settles that sorry guys I’m dum

Usually they are because they sell them per lb and that’s like a thousand rings and you need like 20. We just down pack them

How high inside the neck should/can I pack?

like half way, maybe 3/4

Bumping this up

Just trying to soak up as much information as I can

Does anyone have any links to videos or anyting showing the utilisation of rashig rings or other packing materials in the head


@goldleaf_scientific where do I find yours? How do I size them for my head (using David’s glass).

Does this help prevent adsorbants from popping up into the top of the head?

Not sure if those are appropriate amounts, or just to illustrate the heads packability, only images I could skim from google. Might try a pass with them next week, could snag a picture if all goes smoothly.

Stuff bottom of head joint barely with some stainless wool. Use some smaller rings and less of them. Thank me later.

How ever the best method is packing from bottom. Very bottom. But it’s still tricky. This is the original packable head patent. And still my preferred packable head to use if I was to.

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The key is really all I have found to be needed, combined with the fraction collector cup , it’s all the theoretical plates needed from my experience

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