R600a usage question.

Is this product safe to use? I have a chance to buy those for a very good price but don’t know if I can use it for extraction

Without distilation?

No way no solvent is safe to use without distilling?

Mystery oil smells like rubber tire factory

After distilling I don’t see why not…it tends to auto budder though when only iso

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I’ve heard of quite a few people who use Isobutane in their extractions.

At least a couple who have done Isobutane crude, and at least one who made 50/50 Isobutane and Propane crumble.

From what I understand, it is definitely viable for use in extractions. I know butane is a hungrier solvent that will dissolve a little more of everything, and propane is a little more selective and boils off at a lower temperature, which can help preserve some terpene content.

Isobutane is sorta in-between butane and propane.

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Wow thats pretty cool…never seen isobutane in a can like that before. Ive used Isobutane in my mixes before.
I used it because i was using propane as well and i know propane is less stable and i thought the isobutane would stable up my concentrates a bit. Ive heard the same sentiments in the past too that isobutane causes crumble…IDK.

Im almost positive @saucegranted on ig uses isobutane for his diamond formations as that is really the only gas he posts about.

My biggest concern with isobutane coming from a can is if they added Ethyl Mercaptan for smell. I really dont care how well you think you distill your gas…I still smell that when dealing with cans. Even after distilling. _

Most cans don’t have that added for smell we use

But this brand he is posting is strictly made for filling AC…thats why it def. Has the added stink

I been using blue flame and whip it recently…even after distillation I smell the gas smell but nothing like the stink they add to most gasses…not sulfur at all

So glad there are companies that don’t add it at all to the can tane

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i smell it in my “whip it” brand cans for my torches. All those cans have some sort of weird smell to them. Its only when you use a tank will you see the difference.

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Yeah soon I’ll have enough to grab tank and give it a shot…

My sniffer pretty on key…

I def. Smell THE SMELL ur talking about that everyone else says they don’t smell…def not the additive to smell bad though…thinking gaseous smell for sure though without doubt hands down…

Can’t wait to see if I can’t smell the big tank at all… thanks bro

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Mercaptan can be separated .Supposibly.


But why would u waste ur time?

The price of a can without any is like $6-10 per can, the more u buy the cheaper…i pay like 75 for 12 the expensive ones and 35$ for 12 the cheap ones…all without added stink …i think couple bucks worth them not adding At ALL

Btw I’m not ever gonna use one w the STINK…

To bad they a HIDDEN stink in EVERY can called mystery oil…to keep the can from rusting while moving from can making plant to filling plant…

That’s stuff not removed unless YOU distill ur solvent first

Check out…Blue Flame,whip it premium, and puretane…those don’t get any added

Those w closed column could buy tanks and distill one tank to the next without a cls

And if u was even thinking to take any extra step on ur solvent it needs to be distalation…i would feel really stupid if that got the stink out but I’m almost positive it dont