r134a hemp and cannabis extraction advice and comments


Fortunately they are long gone from here. Even though I tried before they showed up and within two days I wanted them gone. Their crude made the worst smelling hot dog water I’ve ever smelled. It over powered the terps in our carts our edibles tasted like old chicken ass. I hope they don’t continue with this industry. And extremely inefficient


it depends how you froze it. if you managed to condense water (ice) around the trichomes, then you will have a hard time extracting. I know folks who toll process that will bring their freezers to your farm to make sure it’s done right.

I suspect drying your biomass properly before extracting with ethanol is the most economical solution at that scale, but I have no way of building that dataset yet.


I’m laughing so hard like seriously. Who would use r-134A


I’m laughing so hard cause I can picture someone just fucking plopping a mini tank of R-134A down on the table and saying “here you go,bitch! Have fucking fun!!”


Literally. I didn’t touch that machine, they had some dude doing it. But he was straight up using 134a for his car


What were they stating about what they extract and what they leave behind ?

Was the smell coming from oxidised fats (acids, esters, ) produced at decarb stage before extraction.

As I look the mocelule it seems a bit polar, but not miscible with water.
Extracts - waxes, CBx in active form, terpenes, chlorophyl ?
Leaves behind - fats, fosfolipids, acid form of CBx, sugars,etc ?


It was extremely fatty. Had a horrible burnt rubber smell/taste which over powered edibles and pens. It leaves behind residual solvents that have a funk to them that I’ve never experienced before with any form of extract. Just almost a good idea, then etho showed up and shut them down like beta tapes


I believe you can use that information to your advantage. Use r134a as an antisolvent. Use it to target polar stuff leaving your acidic goods untouched


So another step of thorough winterization would be needed…

@Apotjecary36 that seems nice idea, but then EPA or other enviroment agencies would go crazy…


then there’s this reddit thread i saw after googling up r134a cannabis extractions. https://www.reddit.com/r/CannabisExtracts/comments/83s6m4/lpe_r134a_extractions_can_anyone_shed_some_light/

dude I feel bad for anyone who puts that in their lungs


also I just don’t trust a company with a typo on their site


Last thing we need is having the stigma that the cannabis industry destroys the o-zone by using “CFCs” to extract the essential oils in the plant. If it produces a phenomenal product that needed minimal cleaning I could understand why people would be trying to utilize this method but it doesn’t seem much more effective than co2. I forgot to mention the byproducts that can be produced using this gas doesn’t justify the reward in the end


This is quoted from the reddit thread I posted

**while researching this solvent is that if you don’t completely purge the solvent out of the oil, it can produce Hydrogen Fluoride when it is heated past 480 deg F. **


Contact of 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane with flames or hot surfaces in excess of 250 °C (482 °F) may cause vapor decomposition and the emission of toxic gases including hydrogen fluoride and carbonyl fluoride.

_Now I haven’t been able to find a lab that tests for residual R134a solvent, so not sure how that can be measured


Hydrogen Fluoride Toxicity (SPOILER ALERT: Very Toxic to Humans)





Ummmmmm NO IT ISN’T, and please don’t take my word for it. Just Google what is the Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of r134a. The Answer is ZERO.


You are completely correct and I appreciate the correction. Maybe I’m thinking of a different refrigerant. Make sure you have an EPA 608 certified worker onsite though.


Really dude??? MSGC, you didn’t look to hard then. 2008 Appendix C to AHRI Standard 700-2014


What were you thinking letting “them” even run your material though “their” machine using automotive grade R134A???
Are you crazy or have enough money to just waste it? Did you do any research at all?
Automotive grade R134A is full of GARBAGE including lubricants for the compressor.
Thats NOT cannabis based fat floating in your picture its all of the lube from the R134A. Thats also where the “off” taste came from!!!



Watch how you are talking to people in here.
Never seen you before, talk with respect, regardless of your lack of knowledge of the situation.

Got it.


I know nothing about EPA 608, so I will have to research that, but not so sure its needed.
R134A is in fact so safe it is:
Certified GRAS by the FDA for essential oil extraction in food products
It is the propellant used in inhalers
It is the gas inside of most cans of keyboard cleaner.