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Heya Cool Cats and Kittens,

We are looking to run a test batch (or 2) of 1g or less ea sugar, full spectrum CBD gummies using our own oil. Lookin for cost and lead times please and thank you.
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You are asking for formulation and white label? All you provide is distillate?

Hiya- I believe we have formulation 1, may need some help with v2 formulation. We will byo full spectrum organic gummy formulation.

Depending who you contract with and how they are going to fulfill your order (pour and scrape vs depositor), you may need to defer to them on formulation. Some formulas will not run through a mogul as well as others.

Just fyi


Yo! We manufacture white label CBD products.
I think we could help with something like this.

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Hiya! Send me a DM! We are all Cinderella up in here. Want the right fit!