QWIT Prep for QA Microextraction

 I have been doing sample collection from large batches of trim prior to purchasing.  I use approx. 8 oz. of material and submerge in Isopropyl.  Let soak for an hour  at room temp and aggitate every 15 min.  Remove solids once soak is complete and then recover iso with rotovapor.  My concentrate sample is then weighed and sent to Lab for pesticides testing.  Anyone doing similar process for batch QA?  Any tips or suggestions for improving this process?
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Just quoting so we can read your question

Great idea. Pilot extraction is one of the best ways to stay ahead of pesticides


Don’t use your production gear. &

why use “approx” anything? Do it the same every time…

I’ve used different amounts 5, 6, 7 and 8 oz. Do to difference in size of flower from any given batch I have started to grind the material prior to weighting it. I am establishing an SOP for this. I want a standardized procedure and am trying to get the ideal amount for this purpose. I also use the weight of my concentrate divided by the weight of my raw material to get an estimated percent yield. Any input on this?