Quick survey. Dry ice vs chiller

So I’m in the process of looking for a chiller, I have found a couple in my price range reaching -40c. A friend tells me not to invest, but to run dry ice because my product will ultimately be better the colder it is. (Dry ice gets up to ~-80c with iso)

What is everyone else’s opinion? Is there going to be a noticeable difference from -40c chiller & jacketed column, to just a sleeved column fed with dry ice? The purpose is dewaxing in an inline column.

Any response is appreciated. Much love to the community.

You can get away with dry ice and no chiller, it really just depends on your scale. How much are you looking to be processing at a time?


For a larger scale facility, I recommend searching for a chiller that can at least hold to -60C and/or use liquid nitrogen jackets for your tanks to help support that hold. Otherwise dry ice can be extremely effective for getting temps down quick with smaller batches


Not much. Currently dewaxing a 3x36 out of a 3x24 material

Ultimately once I got on this path ive come to realize I went too small. But. It’s a place to start. Upgrading spools is the easy part.

The feed back already has me in the direction of dry ice, I heard the same about -60 or below but ultimately -80 or below. I have an HVAC guy (whom i don’t trust a TON due to personal history) who is looking into a diy chiller to hit -80 for me. I’ve been meaning to send over the threads on here to him, but he is simply just slow when it comes to side gigs.

A diy chiller to hit -80? I wonder if your buddy is willing to share those plans, I gotta guess he isnt talking about rigging up a mini split. :grin:

Reaching -80 using dry ice requires a lot of dry ice. I couldnt say exactly how much but someone around here (probably @Lincoln20XX or @cyclopath ) worked out the problem thermodynamically.

Two other options for cooling that can be utilized in a way similar to dry ice would be liquid CO2 or liquid N2 both of which will transfer heat better than dry ice.

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if you’re trying to cool low enough to dewax in a column I would definitely stick with dry ice.


Thank you everybody very much. So a -80c DIY glycol chiller is out of the question?

Pretty sure I did at one point. Don’t have the calcs on hand. Mostly because I ran them at one point and then compared to the relative cost/pain in the ass factor for dry ice vs nearly anything else - LN2, CO2, glycol, physics trickery - glycol type chillers came out on top for us.

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