Quick and Dirty Crystallization?

I’ve read the sauce tek threads with interest but I was wondering if anyone has tried to handle THCa cyrstallization from a different direction. If we do not care about the size or appearance of crystals, preservation of terpenes, or other factors, but only weight yield, has anyone worked on crystallizing THCa from poor quality starting material like black BHO? They could be powder fine and brown on the first pass, as long as yield is good. I have tried the same method’s i’ve used for CBD crystallization from distillate (dissolve in pentane and freeze), with no good results, I imagine due to the contaminants of the starting material inhibiting the crystallization. Unfortunately can’t use distillation to purify because that just decarbs it which I suppose is the whole difficulty of the thing.


Ive seen pics in the only the strong tek thread with people and black oil and they have diamonds growing on the bottom i had a silicone jar of some oil and it has some very dirty wjat i assume are diamonds growing in it after months of sitting in storage

Doesn’t matter what u use
…u get dissolved and follow sop ur set…

Just ur terpenes may suck monkey balls… but thca is thca


Right. The money question though is the “quick” part. when I put a CBD solution in the freezer, I get crystals the very next day. I don’t get any good results doing that with THCA. All these THCA teks are focused on evaporating slowly over the course of months to get large beautiful crystals. It isn’t useful for rapid bulk production. How are people producing THCA isolate on the kilogram scale?


Maybe pyrax pan tek i have yeilded a little under a half pound using this . Maybe the yeild was Strain dependent though. I am fairly new to the tek as well


I am on the same quest as well so any info would be greatly appreciated

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What about just a large vessel opposed to mason jars and just larger runs into one vessel wouldnt that vreate bigger diamonds dont think it wpuld be faster but wpuld probably be bulkier returns and easier to do large scale? Just something ove been thonkong about today

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That should work and from what I’ve read adding nitrogen should help too.

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I don’t much care about large diamonds, i’m just looking for isolate in any form. My ideal solution would be, dissolve crude in a solvent, freeze, get thca powder; just throw the terp/solvent solution in the waste. Works fine with CBD! But pentane at least doesn’t seem to do the trick for THCa.


Could u share ur sop foe Pyrex pan tek…we have discussion about that here already…

If u don’t want everyone tearing it apart dm me


How did you do in pyrex?

I am interested and a quick and dirty separation method as well. I would like to be able to separate a large portion of the high terpene fraction in case cartridge production demands it.

Otss Tek…no cold crash for sugar,or follow instructions for Diamonds

Maybe the thread I also posted in called: so, trying to blow the doors off crystalization theres something u could use? Idk like I explain there im a noob😂

But dried, cured, even fresh plant (unfrozen) wil crash out on me in 3 days to sand like. Latest had tiny crystals at like day 7. Washed with again with butane/propane mix I used for extraction and ended up with lil tiny white crystals opposed to all the sand like stuff at had the 4 tries before it.

Idk if helpfull like I said : noob, with a high brain😂
(Never mind, thread is 4 years old, fck I should read those dates better🤣)