Questions about harvesting fresh frozen + walk in freezer

What’s up guys!

Got a few questions regarding bigger scale fresh frozen harvesting plus sizing a walk in freezer

I’m a grower / farmer , not much of a hash maker.

I’ve got a tier 2 license up in VT. I have a 30x 96 greenhouse we will be harvesting for fresh frozen material. The greenhosue is about 40 minutes from where the walk in freezer and hash area will be.

What should be the protocol for harvesting it?

Bucking into terp loc ( regular turkey bags? Normal zip loc bags) into a cooler with dry ice, Then into truck , then to freezer for storage until it gets washed ?

Then obviously I hate the yield question so I have no idea how much I should pull from this greenhouse, but I’ve got close to 1600 sq feet of canopy going that’s above 6 feet tall now?. What sort of size walk in freezer should be be purchasing, and what temperature should it be able to get down to?

What’s this flash freezing talk I’ve heard about ?

Thanks guys

Flash freezing is using a cryo freezer or the dry ice method you mentioned. Not sure about yield. The protocol you mentioned should work fine.


Any idea size to get a walk in freezer?

Temp to keep it at?

Keep the temperature at 0F or below. It will be better for making hash at that temperature. Why are you going with a solventless method of extraction?

I couldnt say what size freezer would work. I have fit 1 million grams in an 11x11 freezer. It was completely full.

Dry ice on site

Transport on dry ice

Then into chest freezers/ walk in


~3kg/cu ft for fresh frozen, give or take


units would make that a more useful statement. unless you meant -40

where did you get that? (not saying it isn’t correct).

edit: Frost bitten, ice encapsulated resin glands: rotovap lyophilization useful trick for almost anybody finding their way here.

He said until it gets washed, so I assumed solventless. And I’m not sure what you’re referring to by -40. You don’t really need the subzero temperatures to do solventless extractions.

0 degrees of what… Celsius? Fahrenheit? Kelvin?

He was referring to the lack of specification of the unit you’re using to measure “0 degrees”.

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Read it again…

-40 C and -40F are pretty much the same temp, and -40K doesn’t compute, so at -40 units are not as important.

Thanks. Missed that. Agree the term is more commonly (although not exclusively) used for water hash.

oh sorry I meant Fahrenheit above.

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