Question - what is CBD distillate?

I’m new at this - If I start with HEMP biomass and extract it (cold -40 ethanol to get rid of waxes etc…), then rotovap this down , isn’t that CBD distillate? I get conflicting answers from the net… is CBD distillate just a name for you guys that have to take the THC out of the CBD?

thanks for any help clarifying this… it means the difference in needing a 150K piece of equipment !!!


distillate is the name for distilled oil. you need a short path system for that.


ahh… do you have any recommendations for equipment…start up lab? :slight_smile:

Depending on how much biomass, crude tou get can help determine spd size. I love my 2l spd. I had the option to swap 5x 2l spd at work, but the ease of running a 2l system is easy. Even running multiple spd at the same time.

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ive been building my system for a year now and havnt made any yet.

if you got the cash theres lots of finished systems, or you can piece it all together on your own. that requires you read and read for hundreds of hours and understand every piece you need to purchase, sourching used equipment to save money. search bar is your freind.

Making distillate requires the most equipment of extractions methods, and cost the most aswell.

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so what is this system called? thanks

Short path distillation

I have a 2l setup for sale, or many ppl on here have kits also.

so u can’t make distillate with a chilled rotovap? i’m still confused…lol
this video

u got specs? pics ? how much

with a rotovape you can only distill the alcohol, water and terpene vapours that end up in the collection flask.

a rotovape is only to remove the solvent from a crude oil.

you should properly read for some days and ask again :slight_smile:


Ooof. Cringed hard at this. Please, dont waste your money on something you dont understand.


that’s what i’m trying to do is understand it…lol

Searching SPD on this forum will yield a gold mine of info.

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What kind of volume are you looking to process?

I’ll try and put this simply :call_me_hand:. The roto is going to be used for solvent removal. You will “dunk” your pot in the the etOH, maybe filter that solution a bit to make sure no plant matter made it through, then recover the etOH in the roto to be left with a dark and more viscous oil in the rotating flask and clean reusable etOH in the recovery flask. From here you can take that dark and viscous liquid and decarb it on a hot plate effectively removing any remainder etOH and activating the oil for oral consumption (converting CBDa the CBD). At this point you have decarb crude oil probably at about 50-60% total active cannabinoids. To get distillate you would then further distill the crude using a short path vacuum distillation rig or a wiped film. Seems like for your budget an SPD may be more feasible and I’m sure some of us here are happy to help you ouece together a cheap system the learn on. I recommend you do some searching. The topics with hundreds of replies may be daunting and intimidating but just strap on and start reading. Even if what you read doesn’t make sense it may set some lightbulbs off 6 months from now once you understand further the process :ok_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand: good luck


much obliged !

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