Question on introducing sauce to decarbed resin for carts

So I’m currently decarbing some live extract I have, and plan to introduce the terpenes from another THCa crystal batch that turned out real nice. I’m wondering if there is a minimum % of decarbed extract volume that I need to have compared to the amount of terps I add, to ensure that the mixture doesn’t crystallize. Like if I want 100g of total weight to go into carts, how much needs to be the decarbed resin to ensure crystallization does not happen.

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It depends on the viscosity of your HTE but in general, I like to do 5 - 10% terps by weight of your

Say you have 100 g of THCa crystal batch, 5% by weight of your sauce would be 5 grams added, 10% would be 10 grams. Again, depends on the potency of your two products, can always add a little more when you start off with less.

In my experience you dont want more than 30-40% thca total in your mix. 40% can still crystalize a little.

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If you’re looking to prevent crystallization I’m not sure terpene percentage alone is a guaranteed effective inhibitor. You’ll be better served by converting more THCA to THC via decarb.

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terpenes are gonna matters a lot worse during the cart’s heat cycles of regular use.

For sure the terps will evaporate at a faster rate leaving a steeper concentration gradient as the cart empties.

I mean by volume not potency. Like grams of terpenes compared to grams of THC.

Is the live resin extract you are decarbing separated THCa crystals?
Are the terpenes you are adding back in the form of HTE or have you distilled them?

It’s THCa crystals but closer to a sugar not diamonds. But the HTE is from a live hydrocarbon extract.

If you fully decarb the THCa crystals you can mix the HTE back in 1:1. Your final vape mix would most likely test around 50%THC / 30%THCa / 10% terpenes.

like @thesk8nmidget said you want to keep your THCa % under 40%

Whatever the native ratio was.