Question about front filling syringes

After I fill these syringes through the tip and capping, the caps can be hard to unscrew. It seems that there is a small bit of oil on the tip post fill and that oil rubs against the rubber of the cap making it hard to put on and pull off.

Are people cleaning the tips? Am I missing a step? Do they replace with a different cap?


Looks like you filled the shit out of that syringe though!

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True. It was a first attempt, and luckily I can empty it and refill it. Just trying to understand the capping

Im not sure how/what ypur using to fill or how many but maybe instead of unscrewing luer lock just pull whole lpck off and fill like that if possible? Maybe clean tip with iso pad if needed? Just some ideas

I am using the luer lock syringes and a metered syringe to fill through the tip.

I have thought about pulling off the plastic part and wiping with etho/iso, just curious if others have hit this problem and how they are solving it.

Is it possible to fill without the plastic lock on

I have a feeling people top fill, but that has other problems too

When i filled mine i top filled with just syringes and warm distillate and just flipped it and then pushed the air out anyway hope you find the answers your looking for!

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wipe with a paper towel, then screw the the tip on. topfillling sucks.


Screw on an small dispensing attachment



It can leak if you stored it with a blunt tip needle.