Qualitative Paper Filter Sale - 4:20 Sale - 40-70% Off

Item Model/Manufacturer: Subzero Scientific
Description: We’re practically giving paper filters away for 4:20

Buy 50 boxes any size or speed get 70% off.
Buy singles, no limit, any size or speed, get 40% off.

Price/MSRP: 40%-70% Off Paper Filters
Current location of item: Gresham Oregon
Estimated lead time: 1 day
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: Paper Filter Link

looove the packaging

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agreed great packaging!! even located local here in Oregon. Could you pm or post price for 50 and available diameter sizes?

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Thank you! There is a link directly to our website in the description! Feel free to add whatever sizes and quantity you like and the price will automatically update to the sale price!