Pyrex 10l media storage bottles and other glassware vacuum strength

I scored a couple of cheap 10l Pyrex bottles are they capable of handling the vacuum from Welch wobl during buchner filtration? I’ve seen videos of people online using carboys and such for vacuum filtration

I guess not LOL

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Been using them for over 5 years never had an implossion so what can i say

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I work with a singel stage vac pump thoustrong text

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This wob-l Welch doesn’t get down past 27.5" Merc so I think they may work

Yep thats My guess to
Give iT a shot and i always work with vinyl on the Floor for When there is a major spill iT s easy to recover
Saved me 2x already

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That’s about the top vac pull a welch wobl will do

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I busted a China 10l flask recently but this was when I was trying to heat it to about 130c on a hot plate lol

Scored a few more

That’s a “media bottle.” I wouldn’t use this for vacuum filtration. Schott and I think ChemGlass make heavy-wall bottles (look for ones with a flat flange opening, not screw threads) that will reliably work. These are available up to 15 to 20 L.


Glass carboys on amazon are cheap and work great

i paid less than the carboys for these pyrex 10L media bottles. i guess i hook one up to the welch and see if it implodes lol

Right up until they crack lol
I didn’t hear or see the crack happen, I just noticed the bubbles.


What brand/ model are those?


Kegco KC FP-CB-06 Glass Carboy, 6 gallon, Clear Sold by: Northern Brewer Homebrewing Supply

But that is out of 8 of them, and took 9 months of use before it happened once. And I didn’t lose anything, just poured it out and threw it in the dumpster. Soooo… 2 stars?

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Those are made of soft glass, not borosilocate. Temp and preasure will greatly effect this glass, not to mention large vessels with flat bottoms are not reccomended for vacuum. You need a stainless tank, they wont crack or implode.


Small stainless solvent tank?

that works, beer kegs too!


Bumping this for similar question. I am looking for small 250-500ml bottles with wide mouth that are safe for terpene storage. The catch is I need them to be able to withstand vacuum around 0.1 mtorr.