Pyrethrin Root Drench & OR action limits

Whats up everybody…Had some root aphids set up shop in 2 gal coco pots this indoor run. They were relentless with tons fliers emerging. Shrugged them off as gnats at first, as I’ve never dealt with root aphids before after 16 yrs of growing (at least not that I was fully aware of)

With this being a rec grow, we’re limited on products to use with concern of failing pesticide testing.

Started off dusting DE on the tables, under the pots and a top layer on the pots. It slowed them down but still fliers emerging. Also tried azadirachtin with mediocre results.

So I decided to do a root drench of Pyganic 1.4 at 25oz per 100 gal water for the crawlers. Then immediately after, a foliar of 1oz per gal to handle the fliers. Next morning, no fliers or crawlers. Sweet. But now I’m scared af to fail the lab tests :skull: Also would really like to do a follow up drench but idk?

This run is on day 4 bloom and wondering if anyone has experience with Pyganic drench’s and pass/failing compliance pesticide testing??? I’m aware that its on the OR approved list and the half life dwindles pretty quick but the root drench has me second guessing as no UV is hitting it.

(Action limit on pyrethrin is 1ppm in OR)