Push top cartridge press / jig

Does anyone make a press / jig that works with the ceramic push top cartridges? Looking for a unit that will do 100 at a time that I can purchase and not have to build

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Pretty sure I saw a video of @vapejet pressing 100 at a time with a modified arbor press

Thanks, I emailed them, hoping they have something available

We no longer blanket-offer presses or solutions.

Pressing carts is simple. You can use anything that will smash two plates together with enough force while staying parallel.

The biggest issue is which carts are used, and how you jig them. “Ceramic Carts” doesn’t tell us nearly enough information to make an informed decision.

  • What carts?
  • How much force?
  • What is the acceptance angle?
  • What is the max compressive force before failure?
  • What is the standard deviation on tolerances? For that matter what are the tolerances?

I’m not trying to make this overly complicated, but I personally made the decision to not offer any public one-size-fits-all cartridge press. Others have attempted this, and it almost always leads to a negative relationship when trying to make a one-size-fits-all.

It’s one thing for a filling machine to occasionally mess up. You waste a few ml of oil and about 5 minutes of cleanup.

If you capping machine screws up, you are going to be pissed that you broke 100 carts and wasted 100ml of oil.

That said: this will ‘work’ for SOME styles of cartridges SOMETIMES. “IF” you put the effort into designing / sourcing proper jigs and learning the ins and outs.

If you want to use standardized and tested hardware and be locked into a specific vendor, I am more than happy to consult on commercial style presses. We even have one of our own automatic style :slight_smile:


I have always loved your resourcefulness on Amazon

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